1. How long will it take for me to receive my Number Plates?

We will begin working on your plates as soon as we receive the order. Under normal circumstances, number plates are despatched the same or next working day from when we receive your order. We offer different postage options depending on your needs.

2. Can I supply my own artwork for inclusion?

Sorry, no. If what you’re after is not shown on our site then we cannot help you. On the 1st November 2008 the law changed making it illegal for plate manufacturers to supply a plate with a VRM (vehicle registration mark) that does not comply with legislation. Anybody that does supply a plate which is not legal is breaking the law themselves.

3. Are you able to make the old black/silver number plates?

No, unfortunately we do not make these plates.

4. Will my number plates arrive pre-drilled?

No they will not. All vehicles have their fitting holes in different places and for this reason we do not pre-drill your number plates. We always recommend that you use the sticky pads that are provided with the plates and included in the price along with a set of screws and caps.

5. How long do I have to cancel my order?

To ensure that we keep our customers happy with swift delivery times, we start on an order as soon as it is received. As the number plates are bespoke to your requirements it is not possible to cancel or amend an order which has been placed on either via the internet or over telephone. We therefore request that you ensure all details are correct at the time of placing an order.

6. Can I pay you by cheque?

Unfortunately we are unable to take payments by cheque because we aim to achieve a rapid turn around time for our number plates. Accepting cheques just slows the whole thing down through waiting for them to clear through the bank. For this reason, our plates may only be ordered with a credit/debit card either online or on the telephone.

7. Can you show me a design before you make the plates?

Yes and we’re happy to do this for you. However, to deter time wasters we do not carry out any design work without an order first being in place and payment details taken. You call us up on (office hours), we’ll take the order from you on the phone and then e mail you the design as many times as it takes till you approve it. We believe that our number plates are the best and this is another example of our service being the best also.

8. Can I have my plates sent to an address different to my cardholder address?

Sorry, no. This is something that we are very serious about for two reasons. Firstly, we are more than aware of the problem with car cloning and by only sending number plates to the cardholder address we are making a big effort in our bid to reduce it. We only send out our number plates to the credit cardholder’s address and these details are rigorously checked.

9. Is it legal for me to have a badge on my number plates?

Yes, it is completely legal for the inclusion of a badge on your number plates.

10. Do you ship your number plates internationally (outside of the UK)?

No unfortunately we do not offer international delivery at this time.

11. Can I order a single number plate and not a pair?

Yes you may. If you require only a single plate please ensure you select the correct one.

12. Can I order multiple sets of number plates in one order?

Yes you may, you may add one plate, one pair or as many single or pairs of plates as you like to the basket and make your purchase in one transaction

13. Will the number plates show the makers details and the legal markings ‘BSAU145d’?

Yes our plates will show these markings because this is what the UK law requires for plates which are used in the UK We include these markings on the plates as it is required by law and your car could fail an MOT without these markings. The markings are approximately 2.5mm high and although they can be read, they are really small and do not interfere with the plates design. The markings have to be on plates made by companies within the UK for plates used within the UK to assist the police in the reduction of car cloning.